May I correct errors in "Rocking the cradle of cricket" on Broadhalfpenny Down (26 October).

You fell into a well-known trap and illustrated the article with a picture of the 1790s entitled A Game of Cricket, long proven not to be of Broadhalfpenny Down.

My publishers, Robson Books, and I deliberately minimised the pavilion controversy at the launch of The Glory Days of Cricket because we did not want the distraction. I dealt briefly with a rumour that had just come to light. Otherwise it did not feature.

I registered an objection to the present pavilion proposal on the grounds that it is an ill-conceived building in the wrong place, but I have not advocated anything. In my book I speculate about what might be on the ground in 100 years: ideas far beyond modern needs and technology. No one, myself included, has suggested otherwise.

Ashley Mote

Liss, Hampshire