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l REGULATIONS may require that parallel-imported medicines have their foreign-language patient information replaced by English (Letters, 7 June) but my son recently had prescription medicines with a Spanish leaflet and I had some from a different pharmacy in a pack printed in Portuguese, with no leaflet at all.

Peter Lumley

Amersham, Buckinghamshire

THOSE who find nudity and sex on TV boring and tasteless will not bother to switch on programmes such as Close Relations, which is why there have been no complaints about it ("More TV sex on Sundays, please...", 7 June). The so-called "challenge" to the producers is to convey the sexual side of the story without explicit pictures.

F Gillian Coak, Bath

GEOFFREY Wheatcroft's description of the cultural values of the left and the economic norms of the right fusing to form the dominant political force ("It's the way Tony tells `em", 7 June) is no more than the messy and perhaps inescapable triumph of Liberalism. I hope Paddy Ashdown can see its funny side.

Robin Ashman

Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire