L Did I read your "Top Ten Women" (21 December) of 1997 correctly? Louise Woodward, guilty of second-degree murder, at number nine? Number one villain would be more appropriate.

David Midgley

Littleborough, Lancashire

l ON 21 December you described me, in an article about the rich and the Labour Party ("Red carpet for the rich"), as a "new fan". As a point of accuracy you should note that I was a Labour supporter long before I became rich and have remained a Labour supporter ever since.

Greg Dyke

London W1

l AN INTERESTING piece, but every dead schoolmaster in the land will rise up and haunt Jenny Uglow ("A matter of belief", Section 2, 21 December) if she asks "What troublest thou?" gibbering and shrieking, as I did, "Oh thou fool, 'tis 'What troubleth thee'!".

Mary Rayner

Chiseldon, Wiltshire