I WELCOME the light shone on the Star Wars programme by Elizabeth Young and Wayland Kennet and on the so-called RAF by Jonathon Carr-Brown ("US builds `son of star wars' at RAF base", 21 November). On 31 October, I and other women from Leicester visited the women's peace protest at Menwith. As we drove up over the moor on a golden autumn day, we saw the blight of Menwith's radomes below us. A rainbow curved over this excrescence of US paranoia.

We protest at every stage of the plans for the anti-missile defence system. This system is not about defence. It is, to use the US space command's own words, about "control" and "domination" with space seen as "the ultimate high ground".

We must press our government to revoke the permission given to the US in 1967 for the Menwith space-based infra-red system. Can we really allow ourselves to go into the new millennium with a new nuclear arms race? Is this what the Blairs want their new baby to inherit?


Space Watch, Leicester