a wrong 'un

a ball which looks like it's going to turn one way but actually turns the other

a chinaman

delivered by a left arm bowler

a googly

delivered by a right arm bowler

the cherry

the ball

the coffin

box cricketers carry their kit in


protective helmets with a grille at the front


ball that cuts in at the batsman's feet

golden duck

getting out on the first ball you face with a score of zero runs

a piechucker or flanflinger

a bowler who lobs the ball high into the air

a donkey drop

the ball that a piechucker chucks; it wings its way up in the air then drops sharply

silly mid on/mid off

fielding positions where the fielder is close to the batsman

jaffa or peach

what the team shouts if someone bowls a good ball

a skyer

when the batsman whacks the ball miles high

that's going the journey

what someone would say if they knew a ball was heading for a six

grubber, pearoller, shooter

a ball that bounces low and rolls along the ground to the batsman

complied by Colette Harris