Strain, raining, ingot, other, heron, only, lyre, rest, strain.

That was an eight-item re-entrant word-snake with each word beginning with the final letters of the previous one. More precisely, each word divides exactly into two parts, the first part ending the previous word and the end part beginning the next word. The final word joins up with the first in the same manner.

We now seek an eight-word snake with the following components (in this order): a deprived child, a ghost, a fruit, make amends, a cosy home, a gun, perform, performer.

(answer tomorrow).

Yesterday's answers:

Smaragdine: emerald green;

Smectic: between solid and liquid;

Smickering: amorous inclination;

Smurry: of fine misty rain;

Smytrie: collection of small things.