Tolerance is the way to go

Bad eating habits, questionable dress sense, unfavourable breath… there are many reasons why one might choose to cast aside a possible suitor before a relationship has the chance to blossom.

For some people, their check-list of no-gos and turn-offs is as long as the Bible. Going out in Crocs really is unforgivable, after all. 

But for others, only serious differences are deal breakers. 

In today’s tumultuous world, more and more people are placing importance on aligning political views when dating - the appearance post-Brexit of dating app ‘Remainder’ specifically for Londoners who voted ‘In’ proves just how strongly people care. 

A recent study of 2,000 people has revealed where different age groups draw the line when it comes to dating, regardless of whether you’re looking for a relationship or just something casual.


A quick glance at the survey, carried out by Sapio, clearly shows that racism, sexism and intolerance are big no-nos across the board, but if you delve a little deeper, even more interesting results can be found.

Amongst women aged 40 and under, sexism was the top deal breaker, closely followed by racism/intolerance. For 41+ women though, sexism clearly slips down the ranks as racism/intolerance and bad hygiene take the top spots.

The survey suggests that men also care more about hygiene as they age, with it being the most important factor for all men over 30, and second top for men aged 18-29.

Sexism seems to be an issue neither for men nor lesbian women, but racism appears more times than any other trait. In fact, it’s only for men aged 41+ that racism isn’t a top deal breaker.

With men appearing to care more about hygiene than their partner’s views, the survey suggests an interesting difference in what men and women value.

Religious and racial differences aren’t top deal breakers in any section of the results, which, considering recent political developments, is rather encouraging indeed.