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A leading academic has said that intelligence makes a woman more attractive to men as it suggests a woman will be a more responsible mother

Men value intelligence over breasts, long legs and other supposed attractive physical features, according to a study by a University of Cambridge academic.

Evolutionary biologist David Bainbridge has said: "The main thing that men are looking for is intelligence. Surveys have shown time and time again that this is the first thing that men look for."

He added that brains suggests a woman will be a more responsible mother, a trait that makes them more attractive to males.

Professor Bainbridge also said that men are only attracted to symmetrical features as they indicate a potential partner is young, healthy and has stable genes.

As a result, he also says men are not interested in the size of a woman’s breasts, as they are rarely symmetrical, and likewise the most important feature with legs is that they are straight, as unevenness suggests a developmental illness.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Professor Bainbridge said: "Breast size doesn’t matter. Large breasts are more likely to be asymmetric and men are more attracted to symmetry.

"And they look older more quickly, and men value youth. And men are not looking for long legs. Straight legs are a sign of genetic health, so that is something that is more attractive, but surveys have shown most men prefer regular length."