The cartoons that perfectly sum up long-term relationships

The artist has over 101,000 followers on Instagram

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Most relationships aren’t perfect in the fairytale, rom-com way, but it’s actually the little moments that often make them so special.

One woman who has picked up on those oh-so-relatable parts of relationships is Catana Chetwynd who has taken the world by storm with her cute illustrations.

She started drawing cartoons of the funny moments in her relationship with her boyfriend, and it was he who convinced her to post them online - she now has over 101,000 Instagram followers.

“The comics were never intended to be posted,” Chetwynd told Revelist. “I really didn't think they would do well, but I was blown away by the response!”

The reason her comics are so popular is largely because she’s picked up on the tiny moments most people in relationships can relate to.

“The moments I make comics out of are the silly moments I enjoy the most with John, and know that others will appreciate to,” she explains. “I'm hoping to just show a cute and lighthearted side of relationships that everyone can relate to.”

Whether it’s comparisons between week one of dating and months later, needing attention, or the joy of wearing your boyfriend’s clothes, Chetwynd’s cute illustrations are making people smile.

“I'm so happy with how people have reacted to the comics and I'm super excited to make more!” she says.

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