Libido, a luscious concept that applies to the whole of life's vitality not just sex is determined by many factors. Some of these you can change, some change whether you like it or not and some of them you are stuck with. Elements such as genes, ageing and uterine exposure to sex hormones obviously can't be altered, but some of the rest like your testosterone levels, mental health and energy levels will respond to lifestyle choices. So be careful what you eat, drink and smoke, or pay the price in the bedroom. This quiz looks to discover how your libido is faring on our "Libidometer". Tick ONE answer per question.

1. Which of the following scenes most closely describes your typical week night lifestyle? Do you:

a. Return from work too tired to do more than heat a ready-made meal in the microwave, pour a large glass of wine and vaguely fancy an attractive face on television before falling asleep

b. Go for a jog then hang out with friends or a partner before sharing a convivial supper and getting to bed in good time for sleep and/or fun

c. Pick up the kids then multi-task the cooking, laundry, housework, homework, bath and bedtimes before begging your partner to wash up while you crash out

d. Convince your colleagues to come to a singles bar and then on to a nightclub in order to meet some new faces

2. Your folks have taken the kids for the weekend and you and your partner have made no special plans for Saturday night. Do you:

a. Compile a list of people to invite round for a wild party

b. Think about how many different positions you could have sex in

c. Watch that arty Japanese DVD where a couple expire in the throes of passion

d. Seize the opportunity to sleep for 12 hours

3. You're off sick with a cold and your partner comes home early to cuddle up. Do you:

a. Wish they'd leave you to sleep in peace

b. Get aroused despite your dripping nose and red eyes

c. Feel awkward and apologise for your stertorous breathing

d. Fall soundly asleep in each other's arms

4. Would you describe yourself as:

a. Not very healthy (overweight, drink/smoke too much, poor diet, stressed at work)

b. Unhealthy but happy (could do with more exercise/better diet but enjoy your work and are happy with life)

c. Lean and mean (keep fit and trim but don't take much time to stop and smell the roses)

d. Irritatingly perfect (keep in shape, good diet, healthy lifestyle, enjoy your job)

5. You and your partner are heading off to Paris for a long weekend. In anticipation of the break, do you:

a. Plot a route around the finest galleries and museums

b. Plot a route around the finest restaurants and cafes

c. Look forward to romantic strolls along La Rive Gauche, and prepare some beguiling bon mots

d. Plot a route round the four-poster bed with greater diligence than an air traffic controller during holiday season