The Ten Best Aphrodisiacs

Men and women have been seeking substances that boost sexual desire since time immemorial. A few are reputed to work...

Win the ultimate bespoke his and hers fragrances

Your choice of perfume is as individual as your personality. Fragrance is one of the most subtle personal messages you can send to those with whom you come into contact – the very essence of you. A consultation with Pecksniff’s is a one-to-one experience which takes you on a fun and sometimes thought provoking journey of discovery, where we explore and help reveal the different facets of your character, until a fragrance can be created that is truly ‘you in a bottle’.

Desire: A dangerous flame

We think of it as an irresistible force – yet we are so in thrall to it that we have ceased to respect it. Jeanette Winterson looks at the power of desire

The facts of life: desire

Among British holidaymakers looking for love, the Italians are considered the most desirable nationality. However, a fling with a fellow Briton comes a close second. Bringing up the rear for both men and females were Americans and people from the Caribbean.

The science of desire

It's a biological riddle. We think of our libidos as a force of nature beyond our control; yet we also complain, increasingly, that they are too weak. Cathy Holding investigates the enigma of sexual response