Expert Jo Barnett reveals the disturbing truth about relationships

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Anyone looking for a relationship will have a unique idea of what they want in an ideal partner, but the challenge of putting yourself out there is daunting enough as it is without loading yourself down with high expectations.

A relationship expert has revealed what she believes is probably the most devastating truth about being in a relationship, and how to better approach the prospect of getting into one.  

"It’s all about communication," Jo Barnett tells The Independent. "Often relationships are over before they begin because of crossed wires. People need to be clear about what they want.

"It can be very difficult to make the first move in order to get the relationship off the ground."

In an established relationship, Barnett says a lack of communication could lead to frustrations between two people, which causes it to “blow up”.

And the devastating truth? Relationships are hard work, Ms Barnett says. No relationship is ever “easy”, however it looks from the outside, and they require “a lot of give”.

“People should be prepared to make time for one another,” she says.

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