British patients are flocking to take part in 'sex addiction' recovery

It's a term which has become familiar. Everyone knows what 'sex addiction' is, and the eye-rolling it tends to provoke is usually because of the celebrities and public figures who have cited it as the cause of their unreasonable sexual behaviour. Think of Russell Brand, David Duchovny. Rob Lowe and Michael Douglas (though he later denied it). Ryan Giggs is said to have agreed to undergo sex addiction therapy. When Tiger Woods was exposed as having multiple affairs, he went straight to therapy, spending 45 days as an in-patient. He reportedly underwent treatment for sex addiction, explaining in his statement to the press that he was "receiving guidance for the issues I'm facing". When the US Senator Anthony Weiner resigned in June after sending explicit photographs of himself to Twitter followers, the internet was abuzz with questions about whether he was a sex addict. When he asked for forgiveness for the "personal mistakes" he'd made to get the sexual highs that led to him losing the career he had fought hard to get, he was heckled, and shouts of "Pervert!" interrupted his speech. An admission of this kind is, it seems, difficult for an audience to take seriously. At the very least, there are raised eyebrows and sniggers; the most common reactions, to celebrities at least, are underpinned with cynicism.

Soap and sex scandal could spell the end of Korea's adultery ban

When the fading TV heartthrob Park Chul accused his actress wife of infidelity, he ignited an undignified row that has transfixed South Korea and probably mortally wounded the careers of two of the country's top stars. But the best might yet be to come: could Korea's rawest celebrity scandal end a half-century-old law banning adultery?

Genius and lust: Mailer's mistress sells off his stash of bedroom

It is no great revelation that Norman Mailer, the irascible novelist, journalist and playwright who died in November, was a bit of a dog. He had six wives, one of whom he famously stabbed with a pen knife (or possibly a pair of kitchen scissors) and sired nine children. And now we are learning that for nine years until 1992 he was having regular sex on the side with a B-movie actress while married to wife number six.