‘My children can’t sleep, crying for daddy:’ How spouse immigration rules affect British families

Video: The story of Alison and Omer

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The Price of Love is a documentary looking at the affects of a 2012 change to the rules on spouse immigration: a British citizen sponsoring entry of their non-EU spouse must earn at least £18,600.

In the first of three clips from the film, directed by Don McVey, Alison explains how the law has affected her relationship with her Turkish husband, Omer.

Alison moved from Turkey with her two young children to the UK when her mother died, so she could take care of her sick father. When the rules changed it meant her husband Omer couldn't join them.

With Turkey too unsafe (two of Omer's brothers were murdered), Alison and her children were apart from Omer for three years.

To watch the full documentary, go to PriceofLovedoc.com.