What are the signs you should end a relationship?

Feeling better when you are alone is a sure sign things are not working

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There are plenty of self-help books out there on how to improve and heal a relationship.

But fewer give actual advice on how to spot a poor relationship that needs to be exited quickly.

Quora users have put together their answers for the question: "What are the signs you should end a relationship?"

1. You can already imagine life without them

If you are doing this, chances are you are not happy. Rather than imagine that life, make it happen before everybody gets hurt.

2. You think you are a better person without them

When two people are unhappy together, they bring out the worst sides of each other.

No one likes being their worst self, so resentment ends up developing too.

If you think you are a better person without them, you probably are - time for an honest conversation.

3. Your partner is neglectful

Spending more time with friends and not responding to phone calls - these are all signs your partner is not very into it.

Someone who truly cares has you foremost in their mind, and will not neglect you.

4. Being contemptful 

Not everyone deals with their unhappiness head-on in a way that minimises the hurt to the other person.

People can become contemptful of others, make unkind jokes and be "more mean than nice", said Quora users.

5. Waiting for a "yes"

One user wrote that you know a relationship needs to end when you ask "that" question - the most important of all.

And then you are left waiting for the answer.

6. When you feel better alone

They are starting to bring you down or make you feel trapped in everyday life.

Sometimes the "us" is devouring the "me", said one Quora user - and you end up craving time alone.

7. When you come home and find your partner sleeping with someone else

This probably needs little explanation. Trust is key, say Quora users.

8. When you thought the question "should I end this relationship?"

As someone else commented - the moment you are asking this question, you are "already halfway there."