With acclaim coming in for acts such as Daft Punk and MC Solaar, French pop is now being taken seriously in the UK. A new French band, Air, also claim that French popsters are more culturally aware than their beer-swilling, TV-watching British counterparts

French Pop

We have as you say

Le Rock and Le Roll

La Disco, Le Punk

And a soupcon of Soul

A music called Cajun

We sing in Creole

And some seminal rap

Done by General de Gaulle

Our rockers are crudite

Cultured and chic

And swan round Le Louvre

In an elegant clique

Unlike your boys

Who watch telly all week

Then only get up

For a drink or a leak

There's more to our music

Than Sacha Distel

Mireille Mathieu

And the Notre Dame bell

Think of Serge Gainsbourg

And his mademoiselle

Who mostly had sex

But recorded it well

And one other name

To chuck in the ragout

Is Jean Michel Jarre

Who's permissible too

You Roshif are one paddle

Short a canoe

If you think accordions

Are what we still do