Making It Up with Karen Krizanovich

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Sometimes thirsty skin needs a treat - something smoother, smellier and luxurious. Only you will know what works best but choice is good, isn't it?

For a shiny finish and moisturising effect for legs, chest and arms Origins Birthday Suit (pump spray pounds 12, 0800 731 4039) leaves a light minty, lemony scent - reportedly a favourite with Sharon Stone. For a fresh moisturiser, Lush Dream Cream (pounds 5.95), shops in big cities or by mail 01202 668545) brims with oat milk and rose water. Everyone who's anyone uses Jo Malone's Orange & Geranium Night Nourishing Cream (pounds 29, London shop or mail order 0171-720 0202).

Need heavy-duty healing for extra dry skin? Moor-Life Body/Face Cream (pounds 8.50-pounds 16.75) really works. It's meant for athletes so don't be put off by the caramel colour. Moor-Life Face Cream (pounds 8.25-pounds 14.25 - stockists 01825 765678) healed my father's cracked thumbs when nothing else would. Sporty types should go for Ralph Lauren Polo Sport Body Fitness for women (pounds 18, House of Fraser stores, 14 February) with 15 SPF and a patented Beta Hydroxy Acid formula for extra smoothness.

Top marks go to three exquisite moisturisers. Clinique Wrappings Body Smoother (pounds 18.50, large department stores) smells so good you can skip wearing scent. Scent is not needed with Carolina Herrera's Perfumed Body Creme (pounds 33, stockists 0181-858 9718), a moisturiser with a heady scent. For obscene luxury, Donna Karan Velvet Body Cream (pounds 50, stockists 0181 858 9718) is so yummy you'll want to spread it on your bread.