A salesman was cleared yesterday of attempting to push a woman under a train at London Bridge station in March.

George Cameron, 30, said he had been assaulted by Caroline Smith, 22, a banker from Dartford, Kent, and two friends.

The prosecution told the jury it was 'every commuter's nightmare,' but Mr Cameron said: 'They beat the living daylights out of me.'

Mr Cameron, of Algernon Road, Ladywell, had to be supported by a guard as the verdict was announced. He sobbed loudly as he left the dock.

The Crown alleged that Mr Cameron bumped into Miss Smith's boyfriend, had an altercation with him, and then tried to push Miss Smith under a train. She was saved by her friends and other passengers.

Anthony Scott-Gall, prosecuting, told the court that Mr Cameron was in a 'belligerent' mood. But Mr Cameron told the jury that one of Miss Smith's group hurled racial abuse and swore at him after he accidently knocked him with his shoulder bag. He swore at the man and walked away. As he leant down to get a book from his bag, Miss Smith approached and asked: 'Why do you black people always cause trouble?'

'I looked up. I thought everything was over and done with. I said: 'Keep away from me, you ugly bitch.' ' Mr Cameron said the woman continued to make remarks. 'She was about seven or eight feet away from the edge of the platform. I stepped forward and put my hands on her shoulders and she took a step back.

'I shouted: 'Why don't you just leave me alone?' She struck me a blow in my face and I struck her back. That was when her two companions and other people jumped in and started beating me.'

Mr Cameron told the jury that during the scuffle they were about six feet from the platform edge. He was cleared of attempted murder, attempting to cause grievous bodily harm, threats to kill and two charges of endangering the safety of passengers.