As intricate as Westeros

A college student is turning the birthmark that covers most of his body into art.

25-year-old Jacob found that if you trace the lines of his different skin colourations you're left with what looks like the map to an unexplored world.

He started on his arm, where the marks are the most prominent, before moving around his hands and legs.

01 - Hand mostly pre-pen.jpg

06 - AWVUdUd.jpg

08 - 3V8B5cg.jpg

05 - True Finger lakes.jpg

02 - 15JbW5m.jpg

19 - mnlWvwx.jpg

11 - fULMxAK.jpg

10 - PjF8T69.jpg

12 - fOgE1Qf.jpg

20 - tkzyvdj.jpg

Right now they're only in marker pen, but the photos have seen a great response since Jacob posted them on Reddit, and many users are encouraging him to get the designs inked.

He said that his doodles taught him that birthmarks don't define you any more than you let them.

"I felt pride that the marks that distinguish my skin were not chosen, but the result of quirky genetic mutations and so far more meaningful to me," he explained.