China and Japan lead Asian car sales rises

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Car sales in China jumped by 15.4 percent in July, according to figures released August 2.

New government subsidies helped the industry post a healthy year-on-year gain, selling a total of 822,300 vehicles to the world's largest car market.

The figures are a rise on June's growth of 10.9 percent, although China's Automotive Technology & Research Center warned that rising inventories could lead to weaker growth in August, reported Bloomberg.

In Japan, sales grew for the 12th straight calendar month, said the Japan Automobile Dealers Association.

In July 2010, 15 percent more cars were sold than in July 2009, a total of 333,403 vehicle which was led by Toyota and Honda.

South Korean automakers Daewoo and Kia both reported a strong month, although Hyundai sales, up 11.8 percent, were the weakest figure since February.

In India, Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra & Mahindra, Hyundai and Honda all reported sales rises, with Maruti Suzuki reporting record sales of 90,114 units, a 33 percent gain and the highest ever monthly figure.

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