Car Choice: Little cars that go a long way for your money

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Jubran Makhouly, 62, is after an economical small car, and rather likes the look of the latest Polo. In fact, Jubran seems to be mostly taken with the fact that the new Polo 1.2 diesel does 65-plus miles to the gallon. He wonders if there is any other small cars out there with the same economy? His budget is around £10,000.

A car for the head

Jubran could actually make his dream Polo a reality, because Volkswagen is currently offering £500 off, plus finance packages, three years' free servicing and free insurance. If Jubran went for the basic Polo S 1.2-litre 60 PS three-door, which will return a decent 51.4mpg overall, he could squeeze it into his £10,000 budget. That's because it will cost just £9,495, including £500 off. It gets even better, as Jubran will benefit from up to three years' or 30,000 miles free servicing. Not only that, he will also get one year's free insurance which is included in the package for drivers aged over 21. So a brand new Volks-wagen would be an option. This is a great little car, which has won plenty of accolades, including European and World Car of the Year 2010. However, this offer runs out on 14 April, so lets hope Jubran is in a hurry.

A car for the heart

The Polo might be regarded as a little safe and sensible, so perhaps Jubran should consider something more exciting, and for me that would undoubtedly be the Toyota iQ. Obviously it has to tick the economy box and the entry level 1.0WT-1 model will return over 65mpg, which is good. Also, the asking price is only a shade above £10,000. It's a teeny tiny little thing that is barely three metres long. It is actually a bit pricey compared with many competitors, especially the Toyota Aygo, but here is a car for those who dare to be different. Potentially, it is possible to get four people on board which means forgetting all about the boot. The iQ is great to drive in a built-up area with its small turning circle, and it is fun to drive as only a small car can be. The basic specification is very good indeed – so there is heated and adjustable door mirrors and air conditioning. It is possible to buy a 2010 model, with just a few thousand miles on the clock, for £10,000. Otherwise there are some brokers who will be able to get a discount on the list price.

Looking to buy?

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