The Austin Allegro has been voted Britain's worst-ever car.

The much-derided British Leyland car - often referred to as the 'All-aggro' - beat the Morris Ital and Talbot Sunbeam to the top spot in a survey carried out by internet magazine iMotormag.

The car was launched in 1973 and, with gimmicks including the square steering wheel, quickly gained a reputation for poor design quality. Despite this, 642,350 Allegros were sold.

It was a popular car with drivers in the 1970s and by the end of the decade was Britain's fifth best-selling car.

4,000 motorists took part in the survey with 24 per cent saying the Allegro was the car they would least like to be seen driving - even though production ended 25 years ago.

The top 10 worst cars

Austin Allegro 24 per cent

Talbot Sunbeam 11.4 per cent

Austin Princess 10.7 per cent

Hillman Imp 10.6 per cent

Rover 200 5.7 per cent

Triumph Acclaim 4.4 per cent

Rover 800 3.8 per cent

Morris 1800 2.6 per cent

Triumph TR7 2 per cent

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