By Peter Woodman, PA

James Bond's favourite car is also tops for those asked to name their dream motor, it was disclosed today.

Bond has always been partial to Aston Martins and the company's DB9 was voted the top dream car in a poll by

More than one in four of the 1,001 people surveyed said their ultimate status symbol was their car.

Also, 37% said that despite the credit crunch they would be prepared to spend up to half their annual salary on a new car, with 21% even happy to use up three quarters of their year's pay to get a new motor.

Favourite marques were Aston Martin, BMW and Jaguar, and luxurious leather interiors were cited by 25% of those polled as their most desirable in-car feature.

Most of those questioned said driving their dream car was a distant hope, but about 40% hankered for upgrading their sound system or adding alloy wheels. marketing manager Katie Armstrong said: "It was unsurprising that so many of the respondents surveyed would choose to drive such a luxurious motor and see cars as a top status symbol.

"It was also interesting that so many would spend up to half their annual salary on a new car and for those who couldn't afford it modification was a way to add kudos.

"When buying a car it is vitally important to know that your money is being spent wisely and safely, especially when such a significant amount is being spent."

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