Is there anything to be gained by using a vehicle tracking system? Isn't it just big brother in a company car?
William B, Essex

Yes, but there are some powerful arguments in its favour. Companies have claimed that they have been able to cut costs and pay employees more by using a tracking system. Wiping out bogus overtime claims actually raised rates of pay. Ford claims that its telematics systems can deliver savings of 10 per cent and improve efficiency. According to Ford the system identifies the strengths and weaknesses of operations and highlights where economies can be made. The system uses GPS technology and the internet to give fleet managers instant updates on mileage, start and stop times, stolen vehicles' tracking, traffic and travel news and parking zone violation warnings. Clever, but not for everyone.

It is interesting that you often recommend a Corolla 1.6 T3. I have been trying to find a used car through a Toyota dealer, but they are hard to locate and salespeople tell me customers go for the 1.4. Can you think of a reason why and recommend a company that will supply this model at a discount?
Steve W, Onslow

I can't think why buyers would prefer a 1.4 apart from the obvious which is a lower price. It is still a fine car, but the 1.6, and What Car? agrees with us, is their best buy. From our experience, staff recommend what they can sell to you most easily. When it comes to getting a discount we do know a company called which supplies new cars via UK dealers. They have 1.6 T2 Corollas at £9900 saving £1736 and a T3 for £11,154 saving £1759. A company we don't know is who claim to supply UK cars and had a T3 at £10,988. Also to search UK stocks.

Just thought I would write in about cars for tall people, I am 6 ft 6 in and always had problems. You are right to recommend the Citroen Picasso. But, I found that the Peugeot partner Combi has 3 inches more clearance than nearly all other cars, so too the identical Citroen Berlingo Multispace.
John Collins

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