When's it going?

Well it hasn't gone but it has been refreshed although it may look pretty much identical. There is a larger and more flash cheesy grille and funkier alloy wheels.

What's good about it?

The people carrier was actually invented in the US and this Austrian built Chrysler showed us what we've been missing. This is truly spacious, well-equipped and good value. Although large, it drives like a car rather than a van, and is supremely comfortable. The styling has been tweaked for European tastes. All-American certainly, but it can never be accused of being gross.

What's bad about it?

Those big seats are heavy so a bit of a challenge to hoof out if you want to turn it into a van or get some awkward loads inside. Also it isn't as refined as some rivals. That big petrol engine in the 3.3 version is fine in the US as fuel is cheap but you struggle to get 21mpg and around town.

How much?

Discounts from UK brokers are from around the £2,000 mark. At drivethedeal.com they could source a 2.4 CRD SE for £17,818 from a retail price of £19,720.

Any snags?

Not many but gearboxes on diesels can be a bit notchy.


Launched: 2001

Engine: 2.4, 2.5 CRD, 3.3

Performance: 2.4Hdi, 109mph; 0-60mph in 13 secs

Economy: 2.4HDi; 23.5mpg

NCAP: Two stars

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