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Shirley Hannon has a big dog, but doesn't want a big car to take it in. What can she buy for £8,000?

A Car for Head

Shirley needs to get herself either a roomy hatchback, a small estate or a compact people carrier. The important thing is to have a decent-sized boot and low loading lip, so that Shirley's hound can hop in and out. A dog guard would also help to make the boot a designated area and make it safer for Shirley. I'd pick the Seat Ibiza as being a good value choice. A 2013 1.6 TDI CR SE is a great smallish estate and costs around £8,000 with the balance of the manufacturer warranty. And vehicle tax is £30.

A Car for Heart

Then there is the compact people-carrier option. There are lots to choose from, but the Vauxhall Meriva (above) has an interesting twist. The rear doors hinge from the back so that a dog could potentially get in and out easily. So rather than making her hound travel economy class in the boot, Shirley can put it in the comfy rear seats. Strapped in, of course. She should go for a 1.4 petrol, as that will return a decent 47mpg. I found a 2011 1.4SE with dog-friendly leather upholstery for £8,000, from a dealer.

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