Best buy: The Lexus SC is beautifully put together


Terry Maplin is about to retire and can afford to treat himself. He wants comfort, fun, and possibly a folding roof.

A car for the head

I know Terry has up to £20,000 to spend and that means he can afford pretty much anything. It should not be too sporty, though, as the suspension is usually harsh and the comfort levels suffer. Actually the best buy could be a personally financed Mercedes E-Class. These are wonderfully civilised vehicles and it is possible to get an E220 CDI SE Automatic for a down-payment of £5,619.29 and then 36 monthly payments of £459. There is an option to buy, or move on to a newer model. Perfect for Terry.

A car for the heart

If Terry wants to buy a luxury convertible outright, then the best buy would be a Lexus SC (pictured above). It is impossible to fault this Lexus on the grounds of quality. The SC is beautifully put together, and it looks like nothing else – though that could also be a problem. With the roof raised, it is just about OK, but when down, it looks a bit dumpy. At least it is now quite rare, great value and has every conceivable extra. A stunning 2003 example with a full service history goes for £7,995.

Looking to buy?

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