One for the Road: A convertible dream


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Tracey Shaw has two small children and needs a hatchback. Really, though, she wants a convertible. She has £4,000...

A car for the head

Tracey knows that all she needs is a hatchback, but as long as she can safely strap her two boys in the back, she'd love a convertible, so we might as well look for the most sensible one we can find. The good news is that small convertibles are now very sophisticated and come with folding metal roofs that are far more secure and vandal-proof than traditional soft-tops. A 2008 Mitsubishi Colt 1.5 CZC2 (above) with less than 60,000 miles is £3,700 from a dealer, with a warranty.

A car for the heart

The Mitsubishi is efficient and reliable but not the most exciting drive, so perhaps Tracey should consider a Peugeot 207 CC. Here's a stylish and great-value small-family-sized car that is spacious and flexible. Combine that with Peugeot's excellent petrol and diesel engines and here is a very appealing combination. The CC is very stylish and will seat two children in the back with ease. For £3,700, Tracey will be able to buy an equipped and warrantied 2007 1.6 120 Sport with 70,000 miles. James Ruppert

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