Robert might like to stay with Audi and just trade up to an A5


Robert Howes is looking to change his Audi A4 diesel and is looking for something similar from the same manufacturer. He would be happy with a two-year-old model.

A Car for the Head

Well this is nice and simple: Robert wants another car made by the Volkswagen Group as his experience with his Audi has been very good. I think the Volkswagen Passat CC (which stands for Comfort Coupé) would be a sensible option.

First of all it is a stylish package, being longer, wider and lower than the standard car, and it isn't a coupé in the traditional sense, having four doors and a swept-back roof. It is, however, a practical luxury saloon, with a big boot and plenty of standard kit, plus several engine options. I would go for the 2.0 GT TDI CR Bluemotion, which has a powerful 140bhp diesel engine that will return more than 50mpg. A 2011 example with 50,000 miles at a car supermarket will cost around £14,400.

A Car for the Heart

Robert might like to stay with Audi and just trade up to an A5. Although there are several A5 models now, the Sportback is the classier alternative to the Passat CC. As the name suggests, the Sportback has a fifth door and generous 480 litres of boot space. In fact, the rear seats fold flat to the floor so there is a massive amount of room.

Compared with the Passat, it is a sportier and firmer drive, which some might find tiring on longer journeys. The standard spec is comprehensive and includes all the kit you would expect, such as climate control, six airbags and heated electric mirrors. However, the SE upgrade is worth having, as it means leather upholstery, rear parking sensors and automatic headlamps to name just a few features. A 24,000 mile 2011 2.0TDi 170 SE will cost £19,500.

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