Hertz offers first electric cars in London

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Hertz, the car rental firm, is adding the battery-powered Mitsubishi i-MiEV to its UK fleet. The first customers to benefit are members of the Connect by Hertz car-sharing club who will have access to two iMiEVs in London from today. Hertz car rental customers will also be able to go electric later on as more i-MiEVs are added to the company's fleet across the country. Hertz has established sixteen charging points, each able to accommodate two cars at a time, across London, including at London City and Heathrow airports. Customers will also be able to access Source London charging stations as these are rolled out across the capital.

The i-MiEV is especially suited to city use as it is based on the Mitsubishi i, which meets the Japanese market “K-car” regulations for very compact urban runabouts, but still provides a roomy four-door body shell.

Hertz already offers a Green Collection of conventionally-powered but low-CO2 rental cars and is also adding electric cars to its fleets in other countries as part of its Global Electric Vehicle Programme.

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