Nissan has given the first hint of what its new small crossover, the Juke will look like. While the first publicity shot artfully conceals the lower half of the Juke's bodywork, it's clear that the new car has an organic, flowing shape.

The company says that this latest model will slot into its range between the Note and the successful mid-sized Qashqai crossover – that seems to be quite a small piece of market territory from which to extract many sales, although the Juke also differentiates itself from the rather square-cut Note at least as much in terms of style as in terms of size, which should open things up a bit.

The Juke will be built at Nissan's UK plant alongside the Note and Qashqai, and will go on sale in the autumn after being formally launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March, although further details of the new model will be released before then on 10 February.

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