Mitsubishi has launched two new versions of its iMiEV electric car, aiming to take on the Nissan Leaf in the brands' home market of Japan.

The automaker launched a cut-price and an extended-range version of the iMiEV in Japan July 6 to complement the standard version which is now sold in Japan, the US, and Europe.

The entry-level i-MiEV "M" version comes with a 120-kilometer range, some 40 kilometers under that of the standard model, and is priced at 2.6 million yen (€22,450) before government incentives, down from 3.98 million yen (€34,370).

An advanced version, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV "G" will also go on sale this year,with a price tag of 3.80 million yen (€32,800).

The G model incorporates several advances, according to Mitsubishi, including a longer range of 180 km, heated seats, a leather-trim interior and navigation system as standard.

The extended range is accomplished through the addition of improved batteries, with the G boasting a 16kWh battery pack compared to the M's 10.5 kWh pack, although the change means a considerably longer charge time of seven hours for the G (4.5 hours for the M) using a 200V outlet.

Also available will be a remote system which will allow i-MiEV G owners to pre air-condition their vehicle before setting off, set charging times and remotely monitor charging.

The i-MiEV M will launch in Japan July 25, Mitsubishi said, while the i-MiEV G is expected to become available in mid-August - although it's currently unclear if and when the vehicle will launch in overseas markets, Australia already seems to have been partially ruled out, with local reports suggesting that Mitsubishi will not launch the entry-level i-MiEV M model in the market.

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