Samsung’s transparent ‘Safety Trucks’ to make driving safer / Samsung/YouTube
Samsung’s ‘Safety Trucks’ have huge screens attached on the rear to allow drivers to see what is coming towards them

Samsung is working on a new innovation that could save lives. Introducing the ‘Safety Truck’, a trailer truck fitted with a wireless camera at the front and four huge screens on the back to display its front view to the cars behind it.

Cars behind will now get a better view of what is in front of them, allowing drivers to make more informed decisions when deciding to overtake. It is also intended to prevent sudden brakes or crashes into animals.

In the explainer video, Samsung use Argentina’s one-lane roads as an example of how their new technology could save lives. According to the Korean company, an Argentinean dies in a traffic accident every hour – mainly from attempting to overtake.

The technology is currently in its testing phase. Samsung will have to demonstrate the innovation can work with ‘existing national protocols and obtain the necessary permits and approvals’.

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