Supercar showroom open for business in Mexico

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Lamborghini opened its first official dealerships in Mexico this week, a signal of the growing demand for luxury cars in the country.

The Italian marque's Mexico City store opened for business October 26 on Insurgentes Sur, one of the city's busiest streets and a commercial and governmental hub of the city.

On October 27 the marque celebrated the opening of Lamborghini Monterrey in the "Beverly Hills of Latin America," a wealthy area popular with tourists from around the world.

Lamborghini says that the stores will serve the "growing local luxury market" which has been fueled by the Mexican government's drive to promote vehicle sales this year.

Business Monitor International estimates that car sales will rise just over 6 percent this year, noting that Mexico is inching nearer to becoming Latin America's largest vehicle market.

Lamborghini will join Ferrari, Maserati, Bentley and Porsche, who all offer models in Mexico from locations including Mexico City and Monterrey.

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