Murdered wife had been raped

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Caroline Williams, the 29-year-old stage manager battered to death by intruders at her Docklands home, was raped before she died, police confirmed yesterday, writes Elaine Fogg.

They are confident the culprit may have left behind sufficient evidence for police scientists to obtain his DNA profile. Police have also released an artist's impression of one of the men described by witnesses.

Mrs Williams was found upstairs in the two-bedroom house in Dockhill Road, Roth

erhithe, by her husband, Tim, 31, also a stage manager, when he returned from the Theatre Royal, Plymouth, soon after 2am on Sunday. Detectives believe his wife died between 11.30am and 3pm on Saturday.

One theory is that two men seen by neighbours intended to burgle the property. Police said that if one was a lookout who did not know about the killing, he should contact them.