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Marital disharmony: Kimberley Borrego, 32, was sentenced to a month in jail and ordered to undergo counselling after she admitted driving her car into her husband, Manuel. The tiff happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on their wedding night following an argument over the volume of country music playing on their radio. They had been drinking in a bar on their way to visit her children from a previous marriage. Manuel Borrego was not seriously injured.

Robbers robbed: A crowd in the town of Alor Setar in Malaysia ignored shots fired by armed robbers as they scrabbled for jewellery which the robbers had dropped in the street during a bungled raid on a goldsmith's shop. They dropped a tray of jewellery worth about pounds 70,000 in the road. Bystanders quickly pounced on the gold, ignoring the thieves' attempts to scare them. By the time the police arrived, robbers, crowd and jewellery had all disappeared.

Delayed removal: Russian doctors in the town of Saratov have removed a pair of forceps from the stomach of a 64-year-old woman complaining of abdominal pains. They had been left there after an operation 25 years ago.