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Cybermates: Research into personal ads on the Internet has revealed that Internet users appear to have reproductive strategies that are the complete opposite of the human race in general. In theory, men are looking for women in prime reporductive condition, while women seek a man with the resources to bring up her children. A study conducted at the University of Utah into response patterns to fictitious ads on dating bulletin boards on the Internet, however, showed that ambitious women with money attracted the most responses from males. One possible explanation is that male Net users are educated and affluent and are looking for someone of similar background. Another theory is that they are money-grabbing passionless misfits.

Oldest profession: Greek archaeologists have excavated what they believe is the world's oldest brothel at a 2,000-year-old site in Salonika. Among the srtefacts found is a clay phallus with moveable parts.

Unromantic: In view of recent news, the Romance Classics cable netweok in New York has decided against naming Bill and Hilary Clinton as the most romantic couple of 1998.