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Kicking the habit: A transvestite kick boxer burst into tears when told that he had to go naked for a weigh-in before his first big fight in Bangkok. Parinya Kiatbusaba, 16, who wears make-up, lipstick and a hair band to keep his flowing locks in place, said, with tears streaming down his cheeks: "The rule is unacceptable; how can I strip in public?" The organisers then relented and allowed him to weigh in wearing only underwear. Parinya has won 18 of his previous 22 fights by knock-outs.

Easy mistake to make: One customer died and another 25 were in hospital after eating loaves bought at a bakery in Gaziantep, Turkey. The baker had apparently mistaken a container of rat poison for yeast.

Rich food: When a policeman from Negombo district in Sri Lanka was accosted by officials of the Bribery Commissioners' Department, he attempted to evade arrest by eating banknotes worth 3,000 rupees (about pounds 30). The sum is reported to have been a bribe paid in connection with a bigamy case. The officials, however, acted quickly and forced the man to spit out pieces of the notes before he was able to swallow them all.