Piss artist: An article in a Bangkok newspaper laments how far Thailand has fallen behind the West in performance art. It does, however, praise one Thai artist named Mink who coats the floor in toothpaste and wallows in it, and an artist named Inson Wongsam who once sculpted an elephant from a block of ice by precision urination.

Post-marital sex: A survey by Durex reveals that there is less sex after marriage. Married couples said they made love an average 135 times a year, with each act lasting 16 minutes, while cohabiting couples made love 175 times, spending 25 minutes each time.

Marital guidance: "Find a wife for your son or send him abroad," a judge in Sri Lanka advised the father of a man who tried to rape a seven-year- old girl. "He will not get off lightly if he does this again." Percy Leelananda was fined 5,000 rupees (pounds 50) after pleading guilty to the rape charge.

Star-struck lovers: According to a survey by Liverpool Victoria, a Scorpio married to a Capricorn results in fewer household insurance claims than any other pairing.