At the first sign of sun, our boys run for their shorts. Why can't they learn from the Continentals that showing a leg isn't everything?
THIS CHANGE in the weather does funny things to men. As soon as the sun shines, men who ordinarily acquit themselves well as far as looking respectable goes, just lose it. Suddenly, there's pair upon pair of horrendous white, hairy, naked men's legs strutting around. Typical mistakes include omitting to adjust the rest of the outfit accordingly - lace-up shoes and socks with bare legs producing the "school boy not yet out of short trousers" look. Alternatively, there's the home-made look, men who look like the sun's rays have laser burned their trousers off at the knee. Or, there's the type who think that shorts must be accessorized by... nothing at all, hence belly out, with perhaps a pair of sweaty trainers. Behave yourselves please, young men. Gap "cargo" shorts, pounds 28, are an acceptable answer. They stop themselves just above the knee and are available in stone, khaki, olive and navy. Be quick though because they always run out quickly. And as far as footwear goes, make it casual, sandals or trainers, but definitely no socks. Yuk.

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