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The trials and tribulations of finding a good, old-fashioned T- shirt, unblemished by the mark of its designer. Here's one
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IT SEEMS to me that good, plain, black or white, long-sleeve T- shirts (fairly cheap ones mind) are getting harder to find these days. I know what I want; something very simple (some might say boring), with an unfussy neckline and not likely to fall apart within a week. But some selfish retailers will insist on graffiti-ing their name on the front of a perfectly nice top. Now I know that it must be a tempting marketing opportunity, but let's face it, it looks dead naff. Far better to keep things untainted.

However, I did spot a couple of unadulterated T-shirts to join the ranks of the four I already possess. Gap have done their long-sleeve in four or so basic colours, very plain for pounds 16, which I can only criticise for not being as soft as my skin would prefer. Miss Selfridge do a simple cheapie for pounds 11, but we're talking small sizing here. Surprisingly, I had no joy at the branch of Warehouse I visited (one of my old ones is from here and it's great). The best I found was in French Connection. If you want a very nice, basic, soft cotton long-sleeve T-shirt (dedicated to simple folk) then spend pounds 20 and get FC's sans-logo offering.

French Connection: 0171 399 7200