OPINIONS; De we need a radio station for women?

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TUPPY OWENS, sex thera- pist: An all-women radio station is like having separate schools when you grow up. I don't see the point of dividing off endlessly, it repeats the division.

MARSHA ROWE, founder, Spare Rib: I welcome it as an opportunity for airing more of women's talent in music, drama, criticism, discussion, and for letting women's contributions, challenges and humour breathe in a larger space.

LUCY WARDLE, caterer: I really couldn't give a damn either way. How can these meeja types take themselves so seriously? Like most people who listen to the radio, I just want cheerful music or interesting comment, and if what I'm listening to doesn't suit, I'll spin the dial. I don't care if the presenters are women, men, children, or Martians.

DARCUS HOWE, broadcaster: I have no objection. There are radio stations for black people. I would consider listening to it. I'm never conscious of a male-female divide in my work - or a black-white divide, either.

MAUREEN FREELY, novelist: Apparently Viva! is only broadcasting in London. We need a radio station for women that broadcasts nationwide. Being in London means it doesn't get women's points through to the majority of the public. If it stereotypes women by becoming commercialised, like women's magazines, then we definitely don't need it.

MAX CLIFFORD, PR consultant: There's plenty of radio out there for women already. This is a gimmick for making money by coming out with something different.That's not a criticism. I wish them luck.

CHRISTINE ROCHE, illustrator: In an ideal world, no. It depends on the quality of the station. Just because it's a radio station for women doesn't mean it will be good for expressing women's views. It also depends on the team. The team is the source of the research, so it can distort the broadcast output.

INDIGO, DJ: It's a good idea in theory, but it could fall into the trap of being meaningless, girly and bland like some women's magazines.

ZEK HOEBEN, art student: It'll end up broadcasting a sexist imbalance of feminist righteousness.

ANDREW BARRATT, assistant film director: I dunno. Does a fish need a bicycle? Seems irrelevant, a distraction from the main issues. But we all need entertainment - so long as it doesn't disappear up its own arse.