BILL GILES, weatherman: As much as I can get away with. If I had a garden that was totally secure I would get away with everything. I get into my shorts and make my wife have breakfast out in the garden when there's a glimmer of sun.

HELEN O'REAGAN, personnel officer: Not much if I can help it. I'm not into stripping off as I have very pale skin - I prefer to keep covered. Most of the time I wear black, even in the summer. I prefer winter.

WILL SELF, writer: I take off everything. I live in the country because of my profound interest in naturism.

DEBBIE CUMMINS, Page Three model: If I was walking down the high street I wouldn't take off much - I'm not brave enough to wear a bikini but I would wear a swimming costume with a mini-skirt or a blouse that ties up under the boobs.

DAVE NUTTALL, administrator: As a redhead I have to be careful in the sun so I only strip down to shorts and a T-shirt. I don't like hot weather and I can't stand sunbathing - it's so boring.

JANE GIBBONS, naturist: Everything. When I was in Germany I decided to sunbathe nude in the park. I was very happy reading my book until I was surrounded by a group of Turkish schoolboys. I couldn't understand them until one produced a football and I realised I was lying on their football pitch.

FATHER JUDE BULLOCK: I hate being heavily clothed in hot weather so I take off as much as possible within the bounds of decency.

GRAZIA RIGLER, aerobics teacher: When I sunbathe in the garden I wear a swimming costume. I wouldn't go topless because I'm too embarrassed.

PAUL JOHNSON, baker: Because of hygiene we have a strict dress code so nobody takes off anything. It gets very hot but you get used to it.

BETTY FARARA, pensioner: I strip down to my underwear round the house but it has to be bloody hot.