PAUL WHITEHOUSE, comedian (aka MIKE SMASH of Radio Fab FM): It's a sperm-tastic idea, in a bag-around-the-willy type of way. I don't see what the controversy is, I remember condiments being freely available when I was at school. We always had salt and vinegar with our chips.

DEBORAH MOGGACH, writer, Goggle Eyes: I could see condoms in a little basket by the coffee machine or the milk. I have just asked three teenagers and they all think it is a good idea. They are simply not embarrassed.

JUDY, 17: I wouldn't be seen dead picking up condoms at school. I'd be far too embarrassed. In principle it's a good idea, but the people who are too thick to buy their own probably wouldn't bother with them anyway.

JIMMY SOMERVILLE, singer: Yes - about bloody time too.

SPOKESWOMAN, NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR CHRISTIAN STANDARDS: It's monstrous. The whole thing is quite wrong. I really mind young girls being led astray. If society says here's a condom that will stop you having a baby, go and enjoy yourselves, of course they will try it out.

NICO PAPADAKIS, lawyer and father of four: I can see a case for allowing condoms to sixth-formers, but not throughout the school. At a very tender age, grown-ups may be encouraging youngsters to get into something they haven't bargained for.

GEOFFREY FALLOWS, head teacher, Camden School for Girls: Some girls get pregnant as a protest, which no amount of free condoms will control. Then there are those who don't show enough common sense or take advice seriously. If free condoms would mop up some of that second lot it would be worth it.

ZOE REDHEAD, principal, Summerhill School: Of course they should. All it would encourage 12-year-olds to do is blow them up and fill them with water. Statistics show it is unrealistic to expect children not to have underage sex. We are not looking after children if we don't provide proper precautions.

MARK, 16: If they wanted to start handing out freebies there are other things I'd be far more interested in than condoms.

ANONYMOUS PARENT: Would they be free? If so I'm all for it, because I'd get my son to pick up a supply for me. Well, they'd hardly be able to check who was using them, would they?

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