Computer animation meets bio-morphism meets the doodle: John Greenwood' s 'surreal-o-pops'
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"There is said to be an unimaginably violent storm which rakes across the southern parts of Latin America about once every hundred years, that the locals call El Diabolique - the diabolical one... Those who are caught in the eye of the storm are said to have their souls blown out of their bodies before they even feel the full power of this vicious wind, for the seconds before they are buffeted by the maelstrom and their limbs are plucked off their bodies, they are briefly zombies - still appearing to act normally but no longer conscious... It is now 106 years since the last manifestation of El Diabolique ripped through the deserts of Chile and the grasslands of Northern Argentina... Scientists monitoring the weather of the area are very concerned that the return of El Diabolique is imminent."

Don't get the wind up. This isn't fact, just the "catalogue fiction" for an exhibition of John Greenwood's "surreal-o-pop" paintings, a manic combination of the imagery of computer animation, children's medical book, bio-morphism and all the fun of the fair. These strange forms are developed from hundreds of doodles and seem still to be evolving on the canvas. Greenwood was included in the first "Young British Artists" exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery soon after he graduated from the Royal College. He has shown in Tokyo, London, Glasgow and Manchester, but this is the first solo exhibition of his paintings

See his work at Jason & Rhodes, 4 New Burlington Place, London W1 until July 4 (0171-434 1768)