What worries me as a black person is that this city at festival time does not reflect who we are and how much we contribute to this country.

Marsha Hunt, actor and writer, on the Edinburgh Festival, Guardian

Adopting a `modern' and `funky' image usually means spending a vast amount of money ... In fact, the Union Jack should be used on every occasion, and flown with pride.

Elaine Paige OBE, singer and actor, on our national, identity, Daily Mail

They don't teach this at Rada.

Joely Richardon, actor, on drowning in nine tons of blood for her part in `Event Horizon', Time Out

Novelists are supposed to arrive at 30, peak at 50, and at 70 be kicked upstairs. So what went wrong with Saul Bellow?

Martin Amis, novelist and critic, Observer

I'm an old woman living in Mexico, and I don't give a damn whether my painting endures or not.

Lenora Carrington, artist, Daily Telegraph

Something as simple as a tree doesn't make sense ... We think we understand the rules when we become adults, but what we've really experienced is a narrowing of the imagination. I feel between nine and 17 most of the time, and sometimes around six. Darkness has crept in since then.

David Lynch, film

maker, Observer

If Oasis are bigger than God then what does that make us? Bigger than Buddha?

Mel C, Sporty Spice Girl, Daily Telegraph

Whatever Jesus was, I don't think he was any different from someone like me.

Marilyn Manson, rock

musician, Time Out