Before I came, I went to visit Jane Austen's grave to pay my respects - and tell her about the grosses. I don't know how she would react to an evening like this, but I do hope she knows she's big in Uruguay.

Emma Thompson, whose adaptation of Sense and Sensibility won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay

The public hated it. We had people ringing to complain every time we played a record, saying, `You are supposed to be a talk station'.

Spokesman for Talk Radio on `Our Tune', one of the reasons the station has axed Simon Bates's breakfast show, Daily Telegraph.

I saw several very good actresses, and she was by far and away the best. She needed to be very beautiful and very blonde ... but above all to understand the stupidity of the character.

AS Byatt on casting Patsy Kensit for the film of her novel Angels and Insects, Guardian

I'm just not a collective, what-a-nice-book-you-want-me-to-publish, we're- all-sisters- under-the-skin kind of person. I'm a tyrant. Yes, I am.

Carmen Callil, founder of Virago, on publishing politics, Observer

Little animals and small children love my stuff.

Minimalist artist Carl Andre (infamous for exhibiting 120 bricks at the Tate Gallery), on the compensations for adult hostility to his work, Sunday Telegraph

A travesty, a mockery, quite the worst arranged collection of dire purchases I have ever seen.

Adrian Searle, art critic, on Glasgow's controversial new Gallery of Modern Art, Guardian

I really like your records.

Midge Ure, singer-songwriter, to Noel Gallagher, of Oasis, Time Out

So what mate? I never liked a f---in' one of yours.

Gallagher's reply, ibid.

All the roles have been challenging. Now it's a challenge just to be able to stand upright.

Alec Guinness, 82, looks back over his acting career, Independent