A dad has shared the secrets to his success after transforming his body in just 12 weeks.

The internet’s obsession with less-than-fit body types has seen ordinary guys everywhere embracing their ‘dad bods’, but it seems that abs and biceps are far from falling out of fashion.

Shifting weight is said to be one of the perils of getting older but a father-of-three has proven that you can transform your beer belly into a six-pack at any age.

Ben Jackson, 45, from Warrington, embarked upon a completely mid-life body overhaul after being approach by a sports-nutrition company and as a result lost an impressive 16lbs.

He also managed to reduce his body fat from 20 per cent to just nine per cent. But how?

Swapping pies and beers for a low carb, high protein diet, Jackson followed a strict nutrition and training plan that saw him give up alcohol and work out at the gym five times per week.

Ben transformed his body in just 12 weeks

Instead of his usual diet of energy drinks, chocolate bars and fast-food, he instigated a regime of six smaller, but more nutritious meals a day.

“Many 45 plus men might think that when they’ve hit middle age, it’s too late to embark on a fitness journey because their body is out of shape or they don’t have the same stamina as they did in their 20s,” Jackson said.

Woman's 'life changed' after losing 18 stone

“My main goal was to lose weight and I also wanted to get back to a good level of fitness.”

But, Jackson insists that the physical training has changed more than just his physique.

Ben says he was taunted at work for his middle-age beer belly

“Overall, mentally I have been a different person. I've been more bright and alert. I've been sleeping a lot better, I have more patience with my children, problems at work don't seem to get on top of me as much and I am a happier person,” he added.

“I hope the results inspire other middle-aged blokes that they can still reinvent themselves physically and mentally regardless of their age.”

Jackson used supplements from MyProtein, one of a number of brands including MaxiNutrition, Muscletech and ProSource which are capitalising on a boom in people who are improving their diet along with their fitness regime.