"Once and for all, I am not pregnant nor am I trying to have a child. When I am, I will tell everyone. You'll know about it because I' ll be the happiest woman in the world."

Linda Evangelista on her shock! horror! tummy! appearance on a Portuguese catwalk, the Times

"When a woman is prepared to flog her used knickers on the street to pay for a Louis Vuitton handbag, something must be wrong."

Frank on how world recession is affecting fashion in Tokyo

"You call a sale `20th Century Costumes and Textiles' and everyone goes `Hmmm'. But call it `Passion for Fashion' and you have an event."

Sotheby's director Kerry Taylor on marketing a Versace collector's auction, the Evening Standard

"You've got to pretend you're king of the universe to sell clothes! That you know the answer to everything from hemlines to global politics. You can never express vulnerability... I'm so thrilled. I feel like this big albatross has been removed from my neck."

Isaac Mizrahi, whose business closed last month, Elle

"I don't do all this to make a Charlie Chaplin character. I make my hair white to hide the grey, I have a pony tail because my hair was curly and I wanted it straighter. I use the fan because I don't smoke and in the past people smoked a lot and it got in your nose - and also to get rid of other people's bad breath."

Karl Lagerfeld (above) explains his get-up, the Sunday Times

"I was putting it off as long as possible, but she's 5ft 91/2in, very thin, and very pretty, so model scouts, who had no idea who she was, kept coming up to her and giving her their cards."

Jerry Hall on why she gave in to Elizabeth's demands to be a model, Harper's & Queen

"It really upset me to be so misunderstood like that. For people to think that I was exploited, manipulated - it makes me so angry! This notion that, because I am an amputee and have what people consider is a `disability' I must be less capable, less confident, less intelligent and less competent to make a decision, that I must have been manipulated by McQueen, was so insulting."

Amputee Aimee Mullins on the French press's accusation that Alexander McQueen exploited her when she modelled in his catwalk show

"I bumped into Normandie Keith and commented on her beautiful Fendi beaded baguette - which she promptly emptied of its contents and gave to me. Who needs a waiting list when you have great mates?"

Meg Mathews (right) on getting a bargain, Sunday Times

"For stylish would-be hurlers of witty little new-world Chardonnays: for wannabe Velvet Goldminers or new-newer-newest nouveau romantiques; for those women whose most recent craving for sequins was when Culture Club bothered the charts the first time: for girls who have secretly never quite felt fully dressed without gloves, hat and stole; for teenagers who grew up with grunge and thus, tragically, never discovered that it really can take three whole hours to get dressed to go out on Friday nights; for all these women and more besides, let me tell you that there has been no better season this decade in which to dress up."

Kathryn Flett on the Eighties revival, the Observer

"I wish I had invented blue jeans."

Yves Saint Laurent on his only regret, Harper's & Queen