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What's she done now?

Carey is renowned for her five octave vocal range, and the delight she takes in using all the notes she possesses in every song she sings. Her style has been shamelessly copied by aspiring singers since talent shows came back into fashion, so it's perhaps only right that the infamous diva has just been named as the new judge on American Idol.

For a diva-like fee?

With an $18m one-year contract, she'll be the second highest-paid judge on television behind Simon Cowell. Britney Spears, recently recruited by the rival X Factor show, is on $15m. British singer Jessie J reportedly appeared on BBC One's The Voice earlier this year for £250,000.

What can viewers expect?

Diva behaviour of incomparable scope and magnitude. This is a woman who requires two assistants to ensure she is photographed from the best angle at all times. A source from the show told gossip website TMZ that during her stint on the show as a guest mentor in 2008, she was a "nightmare to work with".

Then why Carey?

Because American TV executives are driven, ambitious beasts. It may still be the biggest show on television, but American Idol lost millions of viewers last year, and the Fox network will do anything (and seemingly pay anything) to ensure its cash cow's survival.